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2023 sUAS Academy


This event will provide an overview for sUAS education and training for Cadets and Senior Members and will include hands-on flight experience. Cadets will earn the CAP sUAS badge. Cadets and Seniors can become sUAS certified as technicians and/or pilots.
All participants will:
- Review FAA rules and regulations for sUAS operations
- Learn CAP rules and regulations for sUAS operations
- Practice hands-on flying with both fixed wing and rotary wing drones
- Participate in a small exercise for an simulated CAP sUAS mission
- Discover how drones can complement all three CAP missions
Event starts on Wednesday at 1000 and finishes Saturday around 1430.
Cost is $125 for cadets, $150 for seniors, and $100 for staff using the QR Code above or this URL: sUAS Academy Registration. For unit funding directly to the event, email andreas.wesemann@utwg.cap.gov .
CAP uniform required for event. 
       ABU or Corporate Working Uniform only.  No blues.
All meals, lodging, and supplies provided.
Bring own bedding/towel/toiletries

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