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Standards and Evaluations

Director of Standards and Evaluations:

Maj N. Gregory Soter - email

Capt. Curtis D. Harris - Assistant - email


The objective of CAP Standardization/Evaluation is to establish and maintain high competence among Utah Wing’s pilots, instructors, check pilots and check pilot examiners.

To earn/maintain privileges to fly CAP aircraft:

For pilots wishing to qualify to fly CAP aircraft, a considerable amount of information can be found in the brochure titled “Pilot Onboarding” (CAPP 70-12). Additional useful information is at https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/emergency-services/pilots.

CAPR 70-1 is the “bible” of CAP flight regulations.  There’s a good chance the answers to your questions about flying in CAP are in 70-1.  Look there first, please.

With the prior approval of the Utah Wing Director of Standardization/Evaluation (DOV), each CAP pilot is required to successfully complete a Pilot Flight Evaluation (commonly called a Form 5) annually.

A Mission Pilot Checkout (commonly called a Form 91) is required every two years for those pilots who wish to earn and retain Mission Pilot emergency services specialty qualification. Both Form 5 and Form 91 evaluations are normally administered by a qualified CAP check pilot. (See CAP Regulation 70-1, section 7, for details.)

Form 5 and Form 91 check rides must be approved–in advance–by the wing DOV or assistant DOV. Those approvals are best requested by e-mail (addresses provided above) or by phone if discussion about the check ride is needed. Capt. Soter: 801/836-3894. Capt. Harris: 801/319-9085.

It is recommended that the check pilot administering either a Form 5 or Form 91 check ride not be the same instructor that provided a majority of the instruction preparing the candidate for the check ride.

While most of the above takes place under the supervision of squadron and wing Standardization/Evaluation officers, the preparation and evaluation processes are usually handled by CAP instructor pilots at the squadron level.

As demand dictates, instructors and check pilots may perform instruction and check rides in squadrons outside their own (with Wing DOV approval).

A Standardization/Evaluation officer, and assistant(s) as needed, normally exist at the squadron, wing, region and national levels. These are appointed by unit commanders. Standardization/Evaluation personnel report to their unit’s Director of Operations.

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