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Director of Communications:

Maj Steve Carver -  email

Lt Col Mike Collett - Assistant - email

Lt Col Mike Knutson - Assistant - email

Maj David Rhodes - Assistant - email

Maj Steve Baxter - Assistant - email

Maj Clifford Rollins - Assistant - email

Capt Aaron Hadley - Assistant - email

Capt Christopher Oberg - Assistant - email

Civil Air Patrol
Communications Program



Operations Qualifications “Ops Quals”


  • Mission Radio Operator (MRO)
  • Communications Unit Leader (CUL)
  • Requires member login to eServices:   
  • In Operations, go to Operations Qualifications, Emergency Services,  SQTR Entry/Worksheet

Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT)

Required to operate a CAP radio. Ten web-based video lessons and quizzes followed by an in-person review and signoff with a Skills Evaluator.    

  • Requires member login to eServices:   
  • Then go to Axis in the Learning Management System:  


Communications Officer Specialty Track

Specialty Track Study Guide: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/P214_3253F4F05A7E9.pdf                                           

  • Technician Rating
  • Senior Rating
  • Master Rating


Communications  Regulations

CAPR 100-1    Radio Communications Management
CAPR 100-3    Radiotelephone Operations                        


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