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Wendover Sea Hut Initiative

The Utah Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is currently working on raising funds to repair and update the USAF Training Compound located at the Historic Wendover Air Base, in Wendover Utah. The CAP cadet program is designed to work with youth between the ages of 12 to 18 yrs old using a military structure in teaching character development, leadership, and Aerospace. Our cadets wear USAF military style uniforms, earn rank, and follow a specific program to move though the program.

The Wendover training compound is an integral part of that cadet training program. For example, each year, over 175 cadets participated in the week-long training host at the facility to teach drill and ceremony, customs and courtesies, STEM and Aerospace education, and other youth character building opportunities. Cadets from several states other than Utah join us. Although the facilities are marginal, they are safe, and our cadets would rather “rough it” in the desert than locate anywhere else.

To enhance both the training facility and opportunities for our cadets to train, we are entering into a ‘Partnership’ with the owners of the property, Hill Air Force Base & the 75th Civil Engineering Squadron, to help maintain the facility.

The basic idea would be that the 75th would maintain ultimate control over the Wendover Compound, allowing Utah Wing CAP almost unlimited usage of the facility. In turn, the CAP would help provide maintenance and care over the facility for a minimum of five years.

We would invest our volunteer time, apply for outside grants, and use CAP member’s skills and expertise to return the facility to full serviceability.

If you would like to financially help support CAP, Utah Wing, and most important, our cadets in this project, please feel free to write a check to “UTWG CAP – Wendover Project”, 640 North, 2360 West, Salt Lake City UT 84116 or use the PayPal button below. Your donation may be tax deductible. Please check with your tax professional when filing.

Please be sure to indicate in the area provided (example below) who or what entity (e.g. squadron name, company name, individual name, etc.) is donating for proper record keeping.

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