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Desert Scorpion

Desert Scorpion 2022

Desert Scorpion is a week long course to develop future emergency services leaders in Communications, Incident Command Staff, and Field Operators to conduct operations in any place or at any time. It is set up as an extended training exercise to include an A5 Mission and Flight Operations. Desert Scorpion is an introduction to basic and intermediate Emergency Services operations. Students learn how to establish a remote Incident Command Post (ICP) and sustain operations. They learn and perform the duties of ICP staff and become a qualified MRO and MSA. Other valuable skills acquired are land navigation map and chart reading, operating HF and VHF communications systems, and understanding WMIRS to include entering sorties, and resource tracking. They will participate in ground operation training SQTR task from GT3 through GBD as well as UDF. All ICP Specialties are available during the course.

To keep cadet involvement in emergency services, Utah Wing has been developing the Desert Scorpion activity to train Cadets and Senior Members in deploying support assets for Aircrews and Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Teams since 2015. It is an exciting program that does not focus on just obtaining qualifications, rather creating a program with true purpose, mission, and deploy-ability. What started as weekend Field Training Exercises has evolved into a week long training activity where Cadets and Seniors can learn how to deploy and sustain forward operations for any length of time.

Desert Scorpion graduates are proficient communicators in all the Wings communications systems, master navigators, experienced Incident Command Staff members and if need be, conduct traditional Ground Team and UDF missions. Their unique training experience in new technology allows them to incorporate new methods such as UAS, advanced navigation and communications to support any Search and Rescue, Disaster, or mission given.

Desert Scorpion also provides practical leadership education and development by providing real world problem solving scenarios. As no mission goes as planned, students face challenges found in all mission types. Students gain leadership experience in leading small teams in tasks aimed at achieving specific goals.

More information can be found on the @DesertScorpionCAP Facebook Page or the NHQ NCSA Page.

Prerequisites for Senior Staff (must be verifiable in eServices):

A. All

1. Must be current with CPPT.

2. Have current CAP Drivers License.

B. Instructors

1. Must be SET qualified in GT3/2/1/GTL, UDF, MRO, MSA.

Prerequisites for Cadet Staff (must be verifiable in eServices):

A. Prefer prior Desert Scorpion graduate.

B. Must have completed a Class A encampment.

C. Must be SET qualified in GT2/3, UDF, MRO, MSA.

All applicants must have a valid CAPF 101 prior to the start of training.

Cadets Staff and Student Fees: $200.00

Senior Staff must contact Lt. Col. Nicholas Cook prior to registration nicholas.cook@utwg.cap.gov

All Cadet Staff and Students must register on eServices under the Cadet Programs drop down, selecting Registration and Payment System, then selecting Application. Please complete all the required information.

Staff will select course 435 and students will select course 434.

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